Supporting Prayer

Discovering Prayer

Helping people to build a joyful and fulfilling relationship with God through prayer.

Discovering Prayer is an online community with over 200 guided Christian Meditations aiming to support people find their own rhythm of prayer.

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Our Vision is to see every child, young person and adult connect with God in their daily lives.

BeSpace is a Christian charity based in Oxfordshire that equips churches to run prayer and reflections spaces for their local schools and in the wider community.   Prayer spaces in schools are day or week long events where a room is transformed so students can creatively explore faith and spirituality from a broadly Christian perspective.

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Community of St Frideswide

Deeper in Prayer; more adventurous in misson.

The Community of St Frideswide is located in the city of Oxford with a vision to equip and renew prayer centred life and mission, especially among young adults. They are inspired by renewal movements which have grown out of Oxford over centuries and by the missional imperative of the first Christians in Oxford over a thousand years ago to seek deeper lives of prayer and more adventurous lives of mission.

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