Latest news and events

RIP Sister Honor Margaret CSMV

Our Sister Honor Margaret, aged 96, in the 65th year of Life Profession, died on Sunday 13th September at about 1pm from a brain bleed in the JR Hospital, Oxford, after two and a half days of care. We were able to visit her in pairs freely at any time (with no masks... read more

Summer in lockdown

Sister Stella writes … After about nearly three months of lockdown when frustration over necessary constrictions for protecting our vulnerable Sisters on the Infirmary Wing needed to be expressed and responded to, we invited the Ven Caroline Baston, our Warden,... read more

Nature flourishing

Amidst all the building work at St Marys Convent nature is being nurtured and is flourishing. The swallows and swifts returned this year as usual, a brood of great spotted woodpeckers was raised in the tree beside the greenhouse, the gold finches have been taking grit... read more

Online Retreat and Quiet Day

St. Mary’s Convent remains closed due to Covid-19 safety procedures and ongoing building works. Consequently, no residential stays or group visits are possible until further notice.  But the Quiet Day and Retreat planned for Autumn 2020 will now be offered... read more

Sculpture nears completion

Artist and sculptor Nicholas Mynheer has been commissioned to carve a two metre statute of the Holy Mother and Child for the Community of St Mary the Virgin, Wantage. The Covid-19 lockdown has meant that he has made real progress on the sculpture, which will welcome... read more