St Mary's Convent
Wantage, OX12 9AU

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Jun 15 2019


10:00 AM - 04:00 PM


20 inc coffee, lunch & tea

Self-Portraits of the Inner You

How Jesus sees you!’ – building an image from objective drawing through to an expressive response in paint, stitch and textiles. Something for you to hang at home to remind yourself HOW JESUS SEES THE INNER, REAL YOU!

A time to blend prayer and peace with paint and stitch, to really listen to The Holy Spirit within and re- centre yourself through prayer and paint.

No skill set required except the willingness to plug in to memory & imagination and experiment with the textures and colours that express how YOU feel. Bring along snippets of favourite fabric, meaningful buttons, sweet wrappers and photos you might like to incorporate in to your work.

Come and remind yourself who JESUS SAYS YOU ARE!! Come and try awakening that part inside us all that the camera can never capture, YOUR uniqueness in Christ. We will build the pieces on blanket and calico bases, adding anything pertinentto YOUR story from sweet wrappers to buttons.

Kate Green is a practising artist and life coach, now training as a spiritual director. She lives outside Cambridge and has a grown up family.Kate is passionate  about our discovering true freedom in Christ and has developed various workshops which focus on this.

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