CSMV were delighted to welcome Wantage Parish Choir to sing Choral Evensong at the newly reopened St Mary’s Chapel on Sunday 24th October.  Over 50  guests were welcomed to the Chapel, it was a busy and wonderful evening. The new lighting system in the Chapel was blessed by the Revd Benji Tyler.   After 18 months of closure due to the pandemic and building works it was a moment of great happiness to be able to bring the community together again.

See below the prayers written and led by one of the Sisters at our Choral Evensong:

God of freedom of spirit and discipline,
We thank you for the gift of singing
And for the musical sensitivity to be able to listen and respond amongst shared voices.
We praise you for the parish church choir
Filling this chapel with joyful and poignant sound,
And for the choir’s Director, Phil Johnson, defining and encouraging its expression.
We thank you, gracious God, for wherever children, students and young adults
Are learning to express gifts of artistry –
Not least through church worship.

Lord hear us.
Lord graciously hear us.

God of power and delicacy,
We praise you for your sustained hidden care for all you have created.
We ask forgiveness for the human damage and negligence
Of the necessary rhythms of our planet.
We pray for courage and a unifying spirit
At the climate summit beginning in a week’s time.
May it seek to halt planetary destruction from the forces of global warming.
We give thanks for the Bishop of Reading, Olivia Graham, together with other faith leaders,
Challenging our government to act now with long-term controls and alternatives to climate change.

Lord hear us.
Lord graciously hear us.

God of gentleness and strong directive,
We ask that you will shine the light in Jesus’ face into all of us –
Into our hearts –
Where we carry those close to us together with the world and its darkness.
We pray for rapid constraints to reduce the present rise in Covid infections in the UK.
May those who are suffering in any form receive healing and deep peace.
We thank and praise you, gracious God,
For wherever the light of creativity is lifting the human spirit.

Merciful God,
Accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.