An exciting initiative will be happening at Oxford University in February, when religious communities take part in “Life Together #Oxford.”

Sister Elizabeth Jane will be joining with members of other religious communities to give students a taste of monastic life and spirituality.  Students will have the opportunity to pray the monastic office, to hear speakers and to engage in conversation.

The themed week starts on Sunday 10 February. Across the next five days a variety of events will be staged in a number of the University’s colleges and the University Church. The themes which the conversations will explore include “Community and Belonging”, “Worship”, “Being Human” and “Justice and Reconciliation”.

“I feel blessed to have been called to a way of life where time for prayer and reflection are a given,” says Sister Elizabeth Jane. “I hope that we will all be enriched and inspired by one another in our week together.”

Sister Elizabeth Jane will join six other Sisters and Brothers from the Community of the Resurrection, Mirfield, the Sisters of the Love of God and the All Saints Sisters of the Poor, Oxford in this exciting initiative.