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Oct 16 2020 - Oct 31 2020


10:30 AM - 04:00 PM



Betwixt St. Francis and St. Luke: Taking Healing Lessons from Creation

This Quiet Day comes not long after the observance of Creationtide in the Church calendar, as well as between the festivals of St. Francis and St. Luke. It’s a time of year when creation begins its rest from the productivity of earlier months and enters a time of restoration and healing in preparation for new birth. Jesus often took examples from creation into His teaching and creation can speak to us today.

This Quiet Day will now be available as a takeaway from the website from 16th to 31st October. Approx. 3.5 hours input (including time for your own prayer and reflection) will be available from the speaker remotely via this website.

The Revd Angela Butler is a retired Anglican priest well known to CSMV as an Associate and supporter of our activities and she’ll lead the day.  Angela was ordained after 23 years in the Civil Service in the London area and then had a varied experience as parish priest in Hertfordshire, Gloucester and Cornwall, as well as being  a Mission Advisor in Gloucester Diocese.  She now hails from Newquay, where her interests bring her into contact with creation in various ways.