Statuary in St Mary’s Chapel

The statues on the east wall – branch house dedications

Michael the Archangel

St Michael’s Bussage


Gabriel’s St Mary’s School

St John the Evangelist


St Anne


The Blessed Virgin Mary


St Barnabas

St Faith


St Peter


St James


St Mary Magdalene


St Helena


St John the Baptist

St Raphael


St Ursula

in memory of Miss Garroway our schools

The Saints over the Sedilias

St Wilfrid with crozier and headless body

St Cuthbert with head of Oswald

St Alban with sword and palm leaves

St Aidan with book and torch

St David with dove and book

St Columba with crozier and book

St Augustine of Canterbury blessing and wearing a pallium

St Hugh of Lincoln with crozier and model of Cathedral

St Osmond with crozier and Sarum Office Book

St Bede writing his history

St Patrick with crozier and serpent

St George as warrior in coat of mail

There are 21 stone angels in the Sanctuary. The 50 wooden angels in the choir are from Oberammergau.