Projects in Southern Africa

Workshop craftsIrene Homes is the main work of those with which CSMV continues to keep in touch and support financially. It provides life-long residential care for those disabled by learning difficulties. Full time staff are caring for almost 90 women residents in eight family houses. In addition, 40 Day Care Centre workers assist in the workshops (which are also open to non-residents).

The craft work undertaken is sold as part of Irene Homes’ fundraising efforts and those responsible for the craft items receive a small wage, which helps to give self-affirmation. The Day Centre workers give support by providing courses, creative activities and outings, thus enabling the residents to lead as full a life as possible. Important links are maintained with the work of Irene Homes by South African Associates and Oblates of CSMV.


Gabane Home Care studentsA range of individual and small group needs are aided by the Wantage Overseas Fund which continues to give regular assistance to pastoral and educational ministry. In particular, a pre-school for orphaned and vulnerable three to six year olds at Gabane, a large traditional village, is being supported and encouraged to expand by Wantage Overseas grants.

In General

The network of CSMV Associates and Oblates, represented in different ways in each country, helps to maintain essential support for Wantage Overseas and, wherever possible, visits are undertaken by CSMV Sisters.

How might you help?

If you feel led to visit any of the Wantage Overseas projects and to write briefly (around 300 words) about your alongside impressions, your text would be considered for inclusion in the next edition of The Wantage Overseas Annual Review.

Donations for our work overseas from individuals, groups, parishes and institutions are much needed and greatly appreciated.