Betwixt St. Francis and St. Luke

Taking healing lessons from Creation

This Quiet Day comes not long after the observance of Creationtide in the Church calendar, as well as between the festivals of St. Francis and St. Luke. It’s a time of year when creation begins its rest from the productivity of earlier months and enters a time of restoration and healing in preparation for new birth. Jesus often took examples from creation into His teaching and creation can speak to us today.


The links below are to documents prepared by Angela to enhance the depth of the Quiet Day. You might want to download them and have them available to you before you start.

Questions for consideration through the Quiet Day (WordDoc 20KB)

Opening Worship

First Session

Creation photograghs for contemplation

Below are two links. The files are the same. The PowerPoint file is large, but contains moving images. To see these, view the PowerPoint in full presentation mode. The PDF is a much smaller file and offers the same images without the movie. Please do download and use one.

Creation Photos (PPT 24MB)

Creation Photos (PDF 2MB)

Second Session

Third Session


Quotes for the day

Angela has produced a sheet of useful and thought-provoking quotes to accompany the day. They can be downloaded from the link below.

Quotes for Quiet Day (WordDoc 17KB)