A Place to Meet

CSMV are pleased to be able to share the facilities of the Maribel Centre with like-minded organisations and charitable groups looking for a place to meet.

As a newly renovated part of the Convent, the rooms of the Maribel Centre offer a practical and functional meeting space for groups of all sizes, whilst the sympathetic design of the space retains the character of the Convent and its tranquillity.  The spacious conference rooms are able to accommodate up to 70 delegates, with more intimate spaces for smaller gatherings across the 5 rooms.

Amenities include Wi-Fi access for delegates, a mobile large screen for seamless presentations as well as catering services for any sized group.

The centre comprises of 2 large conference rooms and a further 3 smaller rooms.  Rooms can be set up to suit the requirements of each group.

We welcome enquiries from churches, diocesan bodies, education organisations and other charities and not-for-profit organisations who wish to use this space.

To find out more and discuss your event needs please contact Reception on 01235 763141 or email on welcome@csmv.co.uk