Recently Sr Lizzie Ruth was invited by the Chaplain of Wadham College Oxford, Revd Dr Jane Baun, to be guest speaker at Sunday Evening Choral Evensong. This was as part of a series on “Ways of Knowing”. Sr Lizzie Ruth shared with those present something of Religious Life in general as well as how people know God within the Christian tradition.

The choir had around 30 members, and there were a further 30 or so in the congregation. The service took place by candlelight. After Choral Evensong Sr Lizzie Ruth very much enjoyed chatting with some of the students over dinner. She stayed overnight in a guest room in the Quad and had further discussion with a student over breakfast.

Here is a little of what she said to the students within the service:

“In our chapel services, as you’ll be familiar with from chapel here, we have set words to pray with. But as you’ll also know, every relationship is unique. Some of you who are currently dating will prefer curling up with your boyfriend or girlfriend in front of Netflix, while others of you will prefer going out to events together. Likewise each of us has our unique relationship and relationship style with God. And so as well as chapel, we need times in our day to hang out with God in a way that suits our own personality and spirituality.”