The sculpture of Mary and the Christ Child  by Nicholas Mynheer has arrived, ready to welcome visitors to the Convent. The installation was a skilful operation involving both heavy lifting and absolute precision.   The video telling the story of the installation can be seen here.

In the video, Sr Stella describes the impact of the piece:

“In very – apparently – simplified  form, there is so much tenderness, energy and something new – Jesus isn’t going to be held back, he is going to go places”

Reflecting on the installation, sculptor Nicholas explains: “I do my carving outside my studio and she has been looking into my studio since last June. She has become part of my life and it will be really quite strange not having her there.”

The sculpture is in front of the new reception and will be the first thing visitors will see on arrival when the Convent reopens in July for Quiet Days and Retreats.