The Bishop of Dorchester, the Rt Revd Colin Fletcher joined staff, head teachers, supporters and friends of the Vale Academy Trust (VAT) HQ staff at St Mary’s Convent recently. They were there to celebrate the end of the first academic year the the Trust had been managed from the offices in St Mary’s studio building. They were joined by Sisters and Trustees of the Community of St Mary the Virgin (CSMV).

“The Sisters and Trustees are delighted to be able to provide a modern new office base at St Mary’s Convent for the central staff of the Vale Academy Trust,” said Sister Stella, the Sister-in-Charge. “Across the 150 year history of CSMV, the Sisters have been very involved with education. This venture with our local multi-academy trust is the latest example of our support for young people.”

Simon Spiers, VAT’s Chief Executive said, “We’re living the dream of having an almost purpose built office centre for the Trust, which has been one of the most important steps we’ve made. We’d like to thank the Sisters and Trustees for their vision.”

“Thank you to all those who’ve worked so hard to make partnership a real one,” said Bishop Colin, who is a Trustee of the Oxford Diocesan Schools Trust, which also has office space at St Mary’s Convent. “This all works together for the benefit of those we serve, our children,” he said.