Sr Bridget Mary CSMV died peacefully at about 4 pm on Tuesday 5 May 2015, aged 84 years.   

Sr Bridget was professed in our Community on 1 June 1967 and for the last four years had been living a life of prayer on her own in sheltered accommodation in Burford.   

About a month before she died she had a fall which was followed by a stroke. During this time she was in hospitals in Oxford and Witney, where she was visited by many loving and caring friends including several of her Sisters. At the end of April, Sr Bridget was moved to Wantage Nursing Home where Sr Trudy was able to be with her day by day and we were also able to visit her. The day before Sr Bridget died we had held a Home Communion Service around her bed and Sr Honor Margaret had given her a blessing.  

May she rest in peace and rise with Christ in glory.